Wind Farm Leasing and Acquisition

Since 2009, Renewable Energy has been growing at a fast pace with more Wind Turbine Farms planned to deliver clean energy for our future.

J.S. Land Services can get your Wind Farm Project the required acreage it needs to succeed. Be it negotiating a Wind Lease, Easement, Substation Location or simply a Good Neighbor Agreement, we have the experience required to make your project succeed in the field.

Using our Wind Energy specific online mapping system, you can stay up to date with real-time information captured from the field about land owners negotiations and project acquisitions. This system brings together Tax Parcel Fabrics, Turbine Locations, Transmission Lines, Sub-Stations, Access Roads, along with your proposed infrastructure into an easy to use interface you can access from anywhere.

Screenshot of Wind Mapping System showing aerial imagery and a Wind Turbine Farm