Real Estate Title

• Public records research on titles for clients to establish status of ownership and the proper and complete chain of title
• Location, identification and analysis of all applicable instruments including deeds, easements, deeds of trust, mortgages, mineral reservations, judgments and tax liens (federal, state and real estate) and tax assessments
• Review of Real Estate Contracts and addendum’s and reports for your clients (and to ease the burden upon your support staff) and to confirm the proper legal entity as owner
• Investigation and verification of descent of title to real estate by death including research at the appropriate Surrogate’s Court and preparation of full and proper estate specifications showing the provisions of the Last Will and Testament, vesting, distributees and estate tax issues
• Review of private restrictions, encumbrances and liens for reports on actions to clear title
• Preparation of Abstracts of Title to comply with the standards of the local Bar Association (i.e.- starting with a Warranty Deed not less than forty [40] years old)
• Bring down searches from the date of the last continuation and certification
• Drill Site Title to confirm the ownership of the right, title and interest to any and all minerals, oil and gas and the rights to all the foregoing
• Recording of deeds and all other documents

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