Oil & Gas Energy

The Appalachian Basin covering, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio has a long standing history of Oil and Gas Development. Technology hurdles in the past decade have allowed Energy Companies to drill deeper than ever before to tap into un-explored Shale Gas formations across the Basin. Exploration isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Natural Gas gathered from the Appalachian Basin is essential to keeping North Eastern USA warm during the cold winter months, and has consistently provided a cheaper fuel source for cooking and heating vs. electricity.

J.S. Land Services has extensive experience researching Oil, Gas and Mineral Ownership, as well as creating a landscape model of current leasing, and drilling activity. JSLS can locate, contact, and enter into negotiations with OGM owners on your behalf to secure Oil & Gas Leases, Pipeline Easements and Right-of-Ways.

After the land is acquired and you are planning to drill a well, JSLS can provide Deep Title Abstracting and Curative services to keep your investment on track and satisfy all legal requirements and loose ends on time and within budget.

Our online map and tracking application can house all your information in an easy to use mapping interface. It combines together Surface Tax Parcel Fabric, Mineral Parcel Fabric, existing Leases of Record, Pooled Unit Boundaries and Wellbore locations.

Screenshot of OGM tracking system showing Production Unit and Wellbore Laterals