Our Approach

Most of what falls under the category of Land Services is cyclical in nature. We at J.S. Land understand the client’s needs during each phase of the cycle and will use our experience and contact network to adjust to the cycle as it evolves.

With J.S. Land Services your project is in good hands as we have over 35 years of combined experience over a broad spectrum of land services. We have managed some of the largest projects the Appalachian Basin has seen but we are also aligned well for small projects that have tight budget constraints or uncertain futures.

JSLS services the following Industries: Wind Energy, Battery Storage, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Solar Energy, Telecommunications, Utility Transmission

Renewable Energy

With the passing of Article 10 into State Law, and the goal of reaching 50% Renewable Energy by 2030, New York State is a front-runner in trying to achieve a balanced and sustainable harmony with our planet and the many resources it provides for us.

Wind Turbine Farms are now able to produce more electricity from a smaller footprint, and are growing at a steady pace. Tower and blade heights are becoming taller and larger and are capable of creating electricity from wind faster.

Solar Energy installations are becoming more popular as the technology to capture energy from the sun has more than doubled in recent years, and only looks to improve, with more creative and elaborate solar cell arrays that do not impact usable land for agriculture or livestock.

Battery Storage Facilities are becoming more and more favorable to house and store renewable energy. Not only does this reduce energy loss when demand is low, but it will keep the cost and delivery of electricity down for future years as the batteries can store energy on off-peak hours, and release during high demand.

At J.S. Land Services, we understand the importance of keeping our planet beautiful for the future, and are proud to be engaged in acquiring the land rights, and access agreements so renewable energy infrastructure can continue to develop and grow.

Services Offered

  • Field Document Acquisition
  • Surface Abstracts
  • Land Owner Negotiations
  • Property Landscape Models
  • GIS Mapping
  • Curative
  • Competitor Lease Reports
  • Ownership Reports
  • Heirship Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Line List Preparation
  • Mailing Lists
  • Seismic Permitting and Support
  • Right-of-Way
  • Notifications
  • Record Keeping/Recording
  • Document Prep/Processing
  • Public Meetings/Open House Support

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Real Estate Title

• Public records research on titles for clients to establish status of ownership and the proper and complete chain of title
• Location, identification and analysis of all applicable instruments including deeds, easements, deeds of trust, mortgages, mineral reservations, judgments and tax liens (federal, state and real estate) and tax assessments
• Review of Real Estate Contracts and addendum’s and reports for your clients (and to ease the burden upon your support staff) and to confirm the proper legal entity as owner
• Investigation and verification of descent of title to real estate by death including research at the appropriate Surrogate’s Court and preparation of full and proper estate specifications showing the provisions of the Last Will and Testament, vesting, distributees and estate tax issues
• Review of private restrictions, encumbrances and liens for reports on actions to clear title
• Preparation of Abstracts of Title to comply with the standards of the local Bar Association (i.e.- starting with a Warranty Deed not less than forty [40] years old)
• Bring down searches from the date of the last continuation and certification
• Drill Site Title to confirm the ownership of the right, title and interest to any and all minerals, oil and gas and the rights to all the foregoing
• Recording of deeds and all other documents

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